Computer safety measures simply refers to ethical  and vivid /precise precautionary measures accurately taken in order to ensure safety or protection of the computer system from danger or subsequent attacks.

Computer safety measures can also be likened to computer security where users make  use of the computer while keeping it absolutely  safe from threats and attacks. Computer security can be defined as controls  and safety measures that are put in place to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability for all components of computer systems.

The computing profession, like any other is full of risks.Each peripheral device such as keyboard, monitor, mouse, and printer e.t.c of a computer system has associated injuries. Every computer used either at homes or office must be properly taken care of, most especially certain safety measures must be considered without any error. This article highlights specific and important computer safety measures/tips that will guide every computer users.

Safety Measures 

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The computer wizards/professionals and users should be aware of safety precaution to be taken when using the computer.To avoid health problems and accidents in the computer room the following safety measure should be considered.

Good Ventilation: Air conditioner is necessary in the computer room to make the computer performs well.  The computer generates a lot of heat, hence the need for the air conditioner or fan.  It is also necessary for the computer user to be comfortable. The design of workstations should be such that people are maintaining neutral posture.

 Setting Computers: When setting a computer room the following must be taken into consideration:

⇒The computer must be space apart
⇒There must be free entry and exit
⇒All wires connecting the system should be properly disposed
⇔A computer library should be closed to computer room.

Dust free environment
:Dust should be prevented as often as possible in the computer.  The floor must always be kept clean the computer and its peripheral should be covered using the dust cover after use.

Protection from power problems
:The surge protectors, the use of stabilizer and UPS must be upheld to prevent any form of damage caused by power fluctuations.

Good Lightening
:The computer room should be well illuminated, use of florescent tubes and bulbs to provide light to make the room bright for all the activities carried out by the computer uses is essential.

Computer Security
:This involves putting in places a reliable security measures to protect both the physical measures to prevent crime”

⇒Provision of secured guards to control access to the center
⇒Provision of log register to monitor staff
⇒Provision of UPS and generator to prevent accidental loss of data.
⇒Ensuring that waste documents are properly burnt.
⇒Ensuring that equipment’s are switched off when not in use 
⇒Solid construction of the computer center with secured windows

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Logical Security:This means building software check/control into the system to disallow unauthorized assess.  These are achieved through the use of passwords and assess codes.

How to Protect Your MacBook from Malware and Viruses

The following logical measures will assist to prevent crime:

  • Provision of passwords for authorized users
  • Provision of data encryption method
  • Provision of a system to monitor the activities of all login users
  •  Provision  of regular audit to all computing resources
  • Provision of security software to restrict the permission of the users to read only ie he cannot modify the data or copy the information
  • Provision of an alarm system when an attempt is made to break into the program
  • Provision of protection software to limit the user’s activities to specified directory or program

Precautions in the Computer Room : The following rule and regulations must be observed when in the computer room

  1. There should be no eating
  2. Do not rest or team
  3. There should be no noise or fighting in the computer room
  4. Handle the equipment’s with care
  5. All computers  should be cover after use
  6. Do  not receive visitors in the computer room
  7. There should be strong security around the computer room to prevent theft
  8. The system should be shut down or turned off after use.


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  1. Computer and related devices are not heat friendly, therefore do not operate
    computer in a poorly ventilated environment.
  2. Never switch off computers but shut down properly to avoid creating irreparable errors on your hard disk.
  3. Do not leave computer or related devices while they are not being used.
  4. Always cover computers and other devices with their cover when they are not in use to prevent them form dust
  5. Always follow the shutdown procedure and never turn off the computer until a
    screen massage tells you to do so
  6. Do not shake the desk or table while the computer and the other related devices are working to interrupt.

Safety Hacks for Users of Computers in the Laboratory you must always remember to avoid Dangers!

Computers are interesting gadgets to use and this is actually why many people cherish using them for numerous official tasks. With regard to efficiency and comfortable use, computers are largely considered the better
options in place of smartphones. Here are few  recommended safety tips you should follow while using your computer system or when youre in a laboratory.

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Ensure There is Software Protection on Your PC– There is a pretty amount of software files highly recommended for the protection of computer systems. Many of these software files are compatible with various Operating Systems such as Linux, Max and Windows. Therefore, you’re advised to download and install some recommended software so that your documents and other important files may be scanned for likely dangers. Also, you’re encouraged to use the software protection as a tool for keeping your computer’s virus definitions up to date.

Ensure Your PC is Patched-Computer systems become extremely prone to software attacks when they are not patched. Meanwhile, you’re required to update your PC with suitable patches and ensure it is scheduled to run automatic updates for both the Operating System and the installed software.

Ensure Important PC Files Are Frequently Backed Up-It is always essential to back up PC files as regular as necessary in order to save yourself from the disappointments that could result from sudden system shutdown or other undesirable occurrences such as malware attacks. If you can schedule frequent backups for your PC, you can be certain to restore important files in case of any unexpected disaster. To back up some important PC files, there are tons of software tools you can download from the web.

Don’t Browse the Internet on Risky Connections-By the words “risky connections’’, I mean the internet connections that are not secure and are barely reliable. If you browse the internet on a dangerous connection, some of your essential PC files –or even your browsing data –can be exposed to internet threats such as cyber activities.
Each time you’re to browse the internet, take note of the security measures
equipped with your desired web browser and follow the instructions needed to maintain secure internet connection.

Definition of Computer Ethics

Ethics is a set of moral principles that govern the behavior of a group or individual. Computer ethics can be defined as the set of moral principles that regulate the use of computers.

Areas of Misusing the Computer

The following are areas in which computer can be misused.

  1. Invasion of privacy (hacking): through the internet, a lot of information can be passed to several places and among people. To this end, the privacy of information cannot be guaranteed; hence someone can have access to another person’s information.  People who gain unauthorized access to a computer system or data belonging to somebody else are called a hacker. They invade computer database to steal the identities of other people by obtaining private information about them
  2. Computer virus: This can affect the computer through the internet where unsolicited information is sent to destroy files in other computers. Computer virus can also occur where diskette, CDs, DVDs, flash drives that are have been corrupted are used in another computer. It is therefore necessary to that anti-virus programs are installed in our computers to detect and clean any virus that may want to attack our computers.
  3. Fraud: Through the internet and computer networks a lot of deception and scam can be perpetrated by dubious people
  4. Stealing: people can steal very important documents, information and money through the misuse of computer and the internet.
  5. Pornography: Children and adults misuse the computer by watching pornographic films and pictures on the internet. These are pictures of nude people and obscene sexual acts on the internet.
  6. Cyber war: this is the use of computer and the internet in conducting warfare in cyberspace. The type of attacks include web vandalism, propaganda, where political messages can be spread through or to anyone with access to the internet, equipment destruction, where military activities that use computers and satellites for coordination are at risk  and their communications and orders intercepted or replaced thereby putting soldier at risk.
  7. Software piracy: This is the situation where programs written by people are used without their permission.
  8. Plagiarism: This is the situation where the original works of people especially books and other works are copied verbatim (word for word). Without due acknowledgement of the owner. All this can happen on the internet.
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