Four (4) Ways You May Be Under Utilizing Your Phone.

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The mobile phone has so many upgrades, and it has evolved from a call to a text machine to a portable computer, smartphone, and a powerful tool for communication. Smartphones take away the need for analog technology.

The Smartphone can be a powerful tool, but are we misusing this technology? Nowadays the most utilized function of smartphones is merely reduced to social media platforms and interactive apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so many more social apps.

The very word “smart” simply means that there are endless possibilities that we hold just in the palm of our hands! The phones we hold in our hands now have GPS, touch screens, voice controls, web browsings, and even more sophisticated properties like heartbeat sensors, television remotes, and gesture controls.

Here are four (4) things you can do with your mobile phone that you already know, but may never have explored before!

Whether you use an Android or an IOS device, there is no denying the fact that these phones have never been used to their full potential, especially by an average human being.

Smartphones have merely been reduced to normal functions and the important parts have been neglected. We will be taking you on a journey to discover the hidden potentials of your smartphone that you may have been underutilizing.

1. Thanks to manufacturers and Upgrade placed in our smartphones, we have access to heart rate monitors just at the palm of our hands! In other words, “YOUR PHONE CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!” . Heart rate monitors especially help people with either low blood pressure or high blood pressure which is sadly increasing in our world today.

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We tend to ignore that our smartphone has such a sophisticated feature that can save your life. In the case of an IOS phone, there is a feature called “health” that enables you to call a doctor or a friend in case of emergency and can alert you when your heart rate is above the average rate. That feature is also responsible for tracking your physical activity in a day.

2. Your phone can be used to track anyone, anywhere at any time. Yes, some of us indeed know about that feature, but how many times have we used it when our phones go missing? I know I haven’t. This is because the average human will not take their time to study and grasp the features of the micro machines in our hands!

YOUR PHONE CAN TRACK ANY CRIMINAL! IOS and Android developers are taking big steps to make smartphones highly secure. For an android phone, the Android Device Manager lets you remotely lock, ring, and track your device. To activate this feature, you need to enable “Device Protection” on your device.

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This is so that should your phone get stolen and factory reset, the phone will require your Google account details to let another person use the phone. This will work similarly to Apple’s “Find my iPhone” feature, this feature has led to a rapid decrease in iPhone theft around the world. The fingerprint feature on the phone also helps to apprehend criminals and identify anyone.

3. This brings us to our third point, YOUR PHONE CAN LEAD YOU ANYWHERE WITH YOUR EYES CLOSED! Anyone can use a smartphone for anything! Technology has so evolved that a blind man can go about his or her normal day with the use of a smartphone.

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The smartphone is so powerful; Some smartphones use blind control like the IOS. So whether or not you need help, your smartphone can be your eyes.

4. Lastly, your smartphone can act as your life manager. Believe it or not, Alexa and Siri have taken over the jobs of many people. This is a feature we may all know about, but it is far more advanced than that. A feature can be developed whereby your phone can be allowed to fix your appointments if need be and alert you, for example, the health in the IOS. It is helpful to know this function.

Are you one of the people who know these functions but have simply treated them as unimportant? Or did you not know about it at all? You have the world at your fingertips today, utilizing these features and many more can improve the quality of your life!

Ensure that you make good use of your smartphone today and explore vast and convenient options TODAY!

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