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There are lots of cement industries in Nigeria and the list keeps increasing due to the demand for cement by house builders. Also, the price of cement have not been stable either way.

In Nigeria, cement is one commodity that is constantly been faced with price fluctuation even though its not been imported from foreign countries. The cement industry is one lucrative industry that everyone dreams of having, despite their financial status.

What is your project? Do you want to build your own house, a church, school, company or Petroleum station Name it, all of these requires cement as one of the major material required to complete such project. Not just a cement but quality cement and with affordable price.

However, having a big project will require that you buy on a large scale. Remember the law of demand, the higher the quantity the lower the price. The prices of cement also follows this trend.

For this reason, you may want to buy it from the industry. Do you want to know the best cement manufacturers in Nigeria? Then this post is for you. In this article, we will discuss on the top 10 list of cement industry in Nigeria and the estimates prices of this cement.

Let’s get started

1. Dangote Cement

The Dangote cement is own by Alhaji Aliko Dangote who is recently one of the richest men in the world. Dangote Cement is the most known cement industry, especially in Nigeria.

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The cement industry has an operating base of over 14 African countries. Dangote Cement is apparently the most popular cement manufacturer in Nigeria.

Sold between the ranges of ₦2,500 to ₦2,800.

2. Ibeto Cement

This is one of the Nigeria base cement industry in Nigeria, own and manages by Ibeto Group Nigeria Limited.

The industry was established in 1997 where they import Portland cement and ship it through the Apapa sea-ports.

₦2,550 to ₦2,700 is what Ibeto cement costs currently.

3. LaFarge(Elephant) Cement

Elephant cement is a part of a branch of the Lafarge group (Nigeria) which is well known in the cement manufacturing sector. The company is well known for its quality products.

It is a French-Swiss industry with its headquarter located in Paris, France where it is still operating under its parent company   LafargeHolcim.

Currently, Elephant cement is sold at the range of ₦2,550 to ₦2,700.

4. Unicem Cement

Unicem is a major manufacturing cement industry in Nigeria and is being managed by the United Cement Company of Nigeria Limited.

Unicem is also controlled by the Lafarge group, is located in the east as one of the leading industry in Nigeria.

A bag of unicem cement cost  ₦2,500 to ₦2,600 currently.

5. BUA Cement

In the north, after Dangote cement is the BUA cement, it is own and manages by BUA group of company in Nigeria.

The BUA group also holds a stake in Damnaz Cement Company Ltd which is the major shareholder in cement Company of northern Nigeria.

In the north, a bag is between ₦2,550 to ₦2,700. Though it may differ in another state in Nigeria.

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6. Ashaka Cement

Ashaka cement is another popular cement industry in Nigeria. It is a subsidiary of the Lafarge Group which is well-known in Nigeria as one of the cement manufacturing industry.

The Ashakacem is popularly referred to as the ‘Star of the North’ as it is a very popular cement brand in Northern Nigeria.

The price of a bag of Ashaka cement is between ₦2,550 to ₦2,700.

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7. NigerCem Cement

NigerCem Cement was the first indigenous manufacturer of cement in Nigeria. It is currently located in Nkalagu, Ebonyi State, Nigeria and is one of the best cement in Nigeria.

It is currently one of the popular cement brands in Eastern Nigeria and many other parts of the country. The price of a bag of NigerCem cement is between ₦2,570 to ₦2,700.

8. Eagle Cement

Eagle cement is owned and manufactured by the Eagle Cement Corporation in Nigeria. It is also one of the widely known cement brands in Nigeria.

The cement is one of the best cement manufacturers in Nigeria and is readily available in various parts of Nigeria at a price of ₦2,500 to ₦2,600 per bag.

9. Reagan Cement

Reagan cement rising cement brand in Nigeria and is owned and managed by Reagan Cement Company Nigeria Limited.

It officially started operations in Nigeria in 2013 and since then, they have proven to be one of the best cement brands in Nigeria. The current price of a bag of Reagan portland cement is between ₦2,500 to ₦2,600 per bag.

10. PowerMax Cement

PowerMax cement is another subsidiary of Larfage Nigeria group. It is described as premium technical cement that combines excellent strength performance at all ages with versatility and enhanced durability benefits.

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Although the PowerMax cement is not the best cement in Nigeria, it’s still one of the popular cement used by Nigerian builders because of its ruggedness.

The above cement industries in Nigeria are the best and trusted cement industry in Nigeria, in case you have anything to do concerning cement and you are wondering the type you should use, we recommend the above top 10 cement industry.

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