Banks In Nigeria-Coins, Banknotes, Money, Currency,

Names of Banks In Nigeria

Banking in Nigeria has gone beyond a mere avenue for safeguarding funds and for executing transactional purposes. In reality, it has become a huge...
Central bank of Nigeria Review

Central Bank of Nigeria Review – All you Need to Know About CBN

They make sure bank activities are always transparent and are responsible for printing currencies and other foreign exchange. In this post, I will cover the Central bank of Nigeria review, their jobs and primary duties, history of Central bank of Nigeria, basically all you need to know about CBN.

Titan Trust Bank in Nigeria –Everything You Need to Know

Titan Trust Bank came into being on December 12, 2018 and commenced operation as a full commercial national bank following its acquisition of a...

Here are the Top 5 Richest Banks in Nigeria you must Know

With over 20 commercial banks, the Nigerian banking industry has maintained its footing as one of the contributive sectors to Nigeria’s economy. Through constant...

Ecobank, Google collaborate to keep children learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

This highly innovative and focus driven collaboration will aid children study online and stay on top of their education 24hous in a day Ecobank...

Development Bank of Nigeria – DBN Recruitment, Management Team and DBN loan

The idea of the Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN) was formed in 2014 and in 2017, President Buhari’s government translated the idea into reality...

5 Ways Small and Medium-Scale Businesses Can Survive During This Covid-19 Pandemic

There’s no need stressing that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic  otherwise known as coronavirus has crippled hundreds and thousands of businesses across the globe.

Naira hits N509 to $1 at FX market, as demand for the U.S dollar...

The recent outbreak continues to affect Nigeria's currency at the Forward Market  with the Naira hits N509 to $1 at FX market, as demand for the U.S dollar climbs up. Traders were already trading at this current rate as at Monday 27th April, 2020 before it hits the Forward Market as well.

Work from Home –The Impact of Covid-19 on Online Skill Acquisition

Since coronavirus became a pandemic, governments across the world have been tempted to lay restrictions on movements, hence preventing many people from plying their businesses.

Dangote Tomato Plant –Everything You Need to Know

Dangote Tomato Plant –Everything You Need to Know Over the years, Nigeria has relied excessively on the importation of commodities which the country –according to...
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