How to Open an Account with Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank Nigeria – How to Open an Account with Heritage Bank

In this post, I will share all you need to know about Heritage bank Nigeria, sharing tips on how to open an account with Heritage Bank, as well as how to download and register on the Heritage Bank Mobile App.
Top 10 microfinance Banks in Nigeria

Microfinance Banks in Nigeria – Top 10 Microfinance Banks in Nigeria

Are you in search of the top Microfinance Banks in Nigeria? If you're also looking to secure a loan from a microfinance bank, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will basically tell you all you need to know about microfinance Banks in Nigeria, as well as sharing a list for the top 10 microfinance Banks in Nigeria.
list of government banks in nigeria

List of Government Banks in Nigeria

The Central bank of Nigeria ensures smooth operations and regulates banking activities in the country. In my previous post, I shared everything you need to know about the Central bank of Nigeria. However, in this post, I'll share a list of government Banks in Nigeria.

Development Bank of Nigeria –Everything You Need to Know about DBN

The idea of the Development Bank of Nigeria (DBN) was formed in 2014 and in 2017, President Buhari’s government translated the idea into reality with the eventual establishment of the bank.

Naira hits N509 to $1 at FX market, as demand for the U.S dollar...

The recent outbreak continues to affect Nigeria's currency at the Forward Market  with the Naira hits N509 to $1 at FX market, as demand for the U.S dollar climbs up. Traders were already trading at this current rate as at Monday 27th April, 2020 before it hits the Forward Market as well.

Fake Bank Account Balance –Top Fake Bank Account Apps to Download and Stay Vigilant

Fake Bank Account Balance is obviously is a new means that allows you to simulate and falsify that you are rich, wealthy,famous and consequently...

List of Big Companies in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Accepting NYSC Members

Uyo is the capital city of Awka Ibom state, located in the south-south and one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria. Uyo is a popular tourist destination that features culture, museums, beaches, resorts, and great many attraction and hosts
Fake Check Scams –How to Identify, Avoid and Report Fake Check Scams in Nigeria

Fake Check Scams –How to Identify, Avoid and Report Fake Check Scams in Nigeria

Fake check scams constitute the commonest categories of scams and they exist in various forms. One way you can identify fake check scams is to be familiar with the various tricks adopted by their initiators.
oil companies in akwa ibom state

List of Oil Companies Operating In Akwa Ibom State

Nigeria is acclaimed for oil production precisely as the oil sector contributes the largest portion of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With Akwa Ibom considered Nigeria’s largest producer of oil, it is interesting to find out the oil companies flourishing in the state through their vast oil dealings.
first bank mobile app

First Bank Mobile App –How To Register And Download The First Bank Mobile App

Mobile banking is such a great avenue that has made banking much easier than ever and First Bank has taken the advantage of its FirstMobile to give customers the best of real-time mobile banking.