Top 15 Startups in Nigeria solving Nigerian Problems

Nigerians now focus on building their personal brands and starting up businesses that will empower others and create job opportunities for youths.

Top 10 Startups in Africa Solving African Problems

Emerging technologies are surfacing in our world today. Most start-ups are leveraging technology and building on future technologies. There are a lot of promising startups in Africa and more are being unveiled each day. In this post, you will find the top 10 Startups in Africa Solving African problems.

Startups in Nigeria? 10 Nigerian Startups To Watch Out For In 2020

Startups are a newly established business. It is no longer news that new businesses require a great start.

10 Best Side Hustle For 2020

A side hustle is any work you do to earn extra money outside of your full-time job. Side hustling means you can make money doing anything from the comfort of your own home.
What to do when your business fails

Five Things You Should Do When Your Business Fails

Every business is a risk. Just as it has the potential to bloom into the next big thing, so is there an equal chance of it being that project that never clicked. While you're bound to feel disappointment when a particular business venture doesn't work out, here are five things you should do when your business fails
components of a business plan

Nine Key Components Of A Business Plan

Just as a building's foundation is key to its existence, so is your business plan invaluable to the overall success of your business. The components of a business plan work in harmony not only to establish a blueprint for your business but also provide a roadmap for its stages of growth in posterity.
passion as a driving force for business people

How To Keep Your Business Growing Through Passion

Handling a business is no average feat, especially when it is a startup or a business in its latent stages. There are numerous challenges and snags that will attempt to sap you of every mental strength you had at the beginning of the venture. In times like this, passion as a driving force pushes you forward.

10 Signs You Need To Start Your Own Business

Deciding to start your own business is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life aa an entrepreneur. This is because the processes that characterize propelling a business from its raw form where it is beset with series of daunting, fledgling challenges to a high-flying venture are really enormous and requ

Five Most Common Ways Businesses Waste Money

Whether it is a small or medium scale business you operate, there are several loopholes, some blatantly obvious, others more subtle, which present themselves in form of ways businesses waste money. Some of these ways include...
Slack vs Teams

The Slack-Microsoft War Continues: Has Slack Become Too Big for Microsoft

For someone who is quite conversant with the tech world, it isn't news that Slack and Microsoft are at war, with the two fighting...
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