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Paystack Commerce

Paystack Commerce – A tool to Help African Businesses Sell Physical and Digital Products...

Paystack, one of Nigeria's Fintech companies has announced the launch of ‘Paystack Commerce’, a combination of free tools to help African brands sell more physical and digital products online.

Simple Fleet Management Strategies That Will Take Your Business A Long Way

In the increasingly fast-paced world we live in today; optimal fleet management is extremely crucial. That being said, the timely placement and replacement of vehicles...

5 Ways Small and Medium-Scale Businesses Can Survive During This Covid-19 Pandemic

There’s no need stressing that the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic  otherwise known as coronavirus has crippled hundreds and thousands of businesses across the globe.
small and medium scale business in Nigeia-Barbing salon

Top 10 Small and Medium Scale Business In Nigeria

Small and Medium Scale Business In Nigeria have grown massively up-to the extend of boosting and solidifying the economy. Before now, people go about looking for white collar jobs after graduation from tertiary institutions because they believed they could get jobs that will help to better their lives.
What to do when your business fails

Five Things You Should Do When Your Business Fails

Every business is a risk. Just as it has the potential to bloom into the next big thing, so is there an equal chance of it being that project that never clicked. While you're bound to feel disappointment when a particular business venture doesn't work out, here are five things you should do when your business fails
components of a business plan

Nine Key Components Of A Business Plan

Just as a building's foundation is key to its existence, so is your business plan invaluable to the overall success of your business. The components of a business plan work in harmony not only to establish a blueprint for your business but also provide a roadmap for its stages of growth in posterity.
passion as a driving force for business people

How To Keep Your Business Growing Through Passion

Handling a business is no average feat, especially when it is a startup or a business in its latent stages. There are numerous challenges and snags that will attempt to sap you of every mental strength you had at the beginning of the venture. In times like this, passion as a driving force pushes you forward.

10 Signs You Need To Start Your Own Business

Deciding to start your own business is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life aa an entrepreneur. This is because the processes that characterize propelling a business from its raw form where it is beset with series of daunting, fledgling challenges to a high-flying venture are really enormous and requ

Five Most Common Ways Businesses Waste Money

Whether it is a small or medium scale business you operate, there are several loopholes, some blatantly obvious, others more subtle, which present themselves in form of ways businesses waste money. Some of these ways include...
Tips To Securing A Bank Loan

Tips For Securing a Bank Loan For Your Business

Securing a bank loan for your business could be one feisty adventure. This is due to the rigorous process banks undertake in deciding who gets a loan and who doesn't. However, you can make the process tilt slightly in your favor by following these steps.
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