Looking for travel app or travelling app as the case may be? Technology is taking the world in an advanced dimension. Everyday, new and more advanced app are changing and in place for you to make your traveling process easy and fast.

Although there are so many apps but the mention a few is a list of 10 best rated travel app for all devices you can try out.

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Lounge buddy is a quick, flexible and fastest way to book some of the best flight. It is very convenient for everybody’s use all you need to do is log in your credit card and lounge membership then await the app to direct you to a list of flight and airport you can have access to. The app gives a list of some lounge you can as well book in your area.


This is one of the best travel app. The app has multiple benefits apart from just making it easy for customers to book flight.

One time, I wanted to book a flight to Kebbi state, check Az man, they had seats available but after getting my credit card to log in to pay for the flight, I was told, there were no seat available anymore. Now this inconvenience is what you can avoid by using Airhelp.

You are entitled to discounts for delay flight if you use the Airhelp app. Also know that, for every customer you invite to use the app, you also get help.

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Are you also looking for where to lounge apart from booking flight? The Hostel world app has got you covered. Hostel world is simple to us for multi purposes.

After booking a flight, you can as well book an accommodation around where you are flying to at a low cost. You can download app from the IOS app store or the android play store or


Airbnb is another very interesting travel app u can use. Airbnb gives you the opportunity to rent individual rooms, or an entire apartment. It is referred to as a channel between hostels and hotels.


Are you looking for cheap flight to anywhere with Nigeria or globally? Sky scanner is my best app use for this purpose. This mobile app gives you a flight record of 1200 searches when u use the app and also gives the best available option.

While using the app, you have the right to check out the flight cheapest date. This app is everything in one mobile setting.


While traveling, hotel booking is a very demanding thing to do. This is why Hotel Tonight is the perfect app to try out. It gives you discounts, it is easy to use, it works really fast, and the app has a good customer’s service that help you rectify all travel challenges. You can download this app on iOS or Android


This app is what I refer to as all round travel app. Unlike other apps, this has the capacity to help you make all reservation for hotels, restaurants, flight bookings and car rent all you need to do is forward all your choices to the email provided by the app and all your information will be sent to the master itinerary so u can have an insight of all your schedule, and plans for the trip.

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When this app is upgraded, it becomes very easy and reliable to use. The app can help you organise all of your numerous booking. TripIt app is available for iOS and android.


Open Rice is the best app for Asia. Open rice gives you a list of a city’s best and famous restaurants, ranking, cuisine, flight booking numbers, and everything in between.

The app is popular in Southeast Asia and a better option than Yelp. The app has listings for many Asian countries including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines. The app brings website and its power at your fingertips. You can download this app for both Android and iOS.


Detour is another beautiful GPS-guided audio app that provides fantastic experience in 17 cities around the world.

Each tour which is audio is narrated by an indigene who knows about the city just beyond the visitors’ exploration but must know the city deeply. This means, you’ll be getting beneath the surface of the place.


Trail Wallet is one of the easiest travel expense tracker. It is very difficult to access and update. This app is the best travel app to try out. It reduces your travel challenges. However, you can regulate your travel expenses by weekly, monthly, setting a daily budget, or easily add expenses.

When you have generates a receipt from the app, use your IOS phones to add the amount by tabbing the Quick Add screen and you are good to go. This app is only available for IPhone users.

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After knowing about this travel app, their functions, effectiveness, work speed as well as terms, the problem faced during flight booking and hotel reservation is history.

Although there are more apps to try out but this are the best of the best you will enjoy using.

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